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Federal Employment Law
how to find federal employment laywer who will work on contingency

Cost is the biggest factor for most people when they’re looking for an attorney.

Fortunately, the days of all attorneys charging an hourly rate have changed. Now, some attorneys use bundled services or flat fees for specific services.

Other attorneys offer an alternative payment scheme called the contingency fee. If a federal employment attorney works on contingency, then you don’t need to pay them unless you prevail in your case. 

If you’re a federal employee looking for employment lawyers who work on contingency, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about how contingency fees work.

Then give one of our outstanding attorneys at the Federal Employment Law Firm of Aaron D Wersing PLLC a call today.  

What Does It Mean for a Federal Employment Attorney to Work for a Contingency Fee?

When a federal employment attorney works for a contingency fee, it means their payment for legal services is contingent upon the successful resolution of your case.

In plain English, the attorney receives money only if they win the case or secure a favorable settlement for you.

This contrasts with traditional hourly billing, where attorneys charge for the time they spend on a case. Here’s how a contingency fee arrangement typically works:

  • Payment structure. While traditional hourly billing allows you to pay as you go, a contingency fee is a percentage of your award or settlement. The attorney’s percentage of your return is a term that the attorney and you agree upon at the beginning of the attorney’s involvement. 
  • No upfront cost. For clients, one of the best features of the contingency fee arrangement is that there are usually no upfront costs. This is particularly appealing for people who don’t have the financial resources to pay $300 or $400 an hour. 
  • Incentive for the attorney. Because the attorney’s payment becomes dependent on your success, they have excellent motivation to work diligently to win or settle the case. The higher your returns, the more money both you and your attorney receive. 
  • Risk factor. Contingency fees also mean that the attorney assumes a certain level of risk. Because of this significant risk, many attorneys are reluctant to accept a contingency fee arrangement. 
  • Miscellaneous expenses. While the attorney’s fee is dependent on the outcome of the case, clients may still have to pay for other case expenses. Examples include filing fees and expert testimony costs. 

Generally, the attorney will receive somewhere between 25% and 40% of your award or settlement.

The exact amount depends on the attorney’s experience, the applicable laws of the state, and the circumstances of your case. 

Do Employment Lawyers Work on Contingency?

Relatively few employment lawyers work for a contingency fee. There are a few reasons for this phenomenon.

For one, many of the applicable laws governing federal employment law limit the amount of compensation you can receive.

For instance, clients can generally only recover $300,000 in compensatory damages in employment discrimination cases.

Victims of age or sex discrimination cannot recover either compensatory or punitive damages. Because of these limitations on your recovery, many lawyers find it more profitable to simply charge an hourly rate. 

Another reason is that prevailing parties in federal employment discrimination cases can obtain attorney’s fees from their employers fairly easily.

Thus, clients who pay their attorneys on an hourly basis can receive compensation for their legal costs if they win their case. 

Looking for Federal Employment Lawyers Who Work on a Contingency Fee Basis? You’ve Found Them. 

Our attorneys at the Federal Employment Law Firm of Aaron D Wersing PLLC, put your welfare first. Part of our commitment to our clients means being flexible when it comes to fee arrangements.

Unlike most firms, our attorneys offer contingency fee options as well as traditional hourly billing. That means you have the flexibility to pay later. And if we don’t prevail in your case, you won’t have to pay us a dime. 

That said, we’re very successful at obtaining outstanding results for our clients because of our many years of experience.

We also offer exemplary customer service, so that you can rest easy while we represent you. Contact us online or call us to set up a free initial consultation. 

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